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Guess who just became a certified Zumba instructor? You guessed it, me!  I love Zumba and have been participating in Zumba for about two years now, one year in Tyler, TX, and a year in the Dallas-DFW area, so it was only right that I became an Instructor, since I love to dance, love to create dances and listen to all genres of music, and my playful, silly, charismatic self can only be a benefit!  This is my opportunity to continue to give back to the community, help others accomplish their weight loss goals, and continue to make a difference in this world in as many ways as possible.

By no means is being a Zumba Instructor easy…..but I’m up for the challenge. I am already looking for a Zumba Instructor position while working on my dance routines.  I have lost almost 40 pounds working out and doing Zumba, and although I have more pounds to lose, you can bet that I will lose it having fun and helping others to reach their weight loss goals as well.

I hope to be at a Zumba location near you!  Let’s dance and lose weight together!


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