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Two Thumbs Up

Man of Steel Review:

I give Man of Steel two thumbs up simply because of the way they captured the the chaos and falling of Krypton.  No Superman movie has really ever identified and treated Superman as an alien, but this movie did, in fact I ever thought of Superman as an alien before, but as a Super hero.  There was quite a bit of action in this movie, in which I’m not complaining but the movie did lack story line and a sense of sensitivity.  However, I was surprised to see the difference between this movie and the Christopher Reeves movies, as well as the recent Superman Returns movie a few years back.  I will definitely purchase this movie when it is available on DVD.

World War Z:

I can definitely say I went into this movie not knowing what to expect. I knew it was a zombie movie but like many sci-fi/horror films I felt I had seen it all before, boy was I wrong! This movie is engaging right from the very start.  I also expected to see a lot of blood and gore, and this movie did a good job of steering away from all of that.  Can it be compared to Will Smith’s movie, I am Legend…..possibly, in terms of a good story line and acting, but on the other hand it is so much more. Brad Pitt was believable and as an audience you can truly empathize with the fact that he is a husband, a father, and a human being trying to save the world.  The end of the movie is unexpected and unique, but quickly lets you know that there will be a sequel.  I totally endorse this movie and have even contemplated going to see it again, it was just that good. Two thumbs way up!!


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