Student Affairs Advocate

My Goals

My short term goals: 

I am passionate about working in higher education/student affairs, as well as any position involving Youth Development. I think I would be extremely effective in the following positions:

Student Affairs 

Academic Advising, Coordinator of Student Activities, Greek Affairs, Multicultural Affairs, Orientation or first year experience, or Residence Life.

Youth Development

Teaching middle school or high school students, Coaching basketball and/or football for ages 10 and up, Leadership positions within a non-profit organization or private/charter school, Sports/Athletic Director, Youth Director, and various other positions involving youth. I also have experience working with at risk youth and definitely feel that I can build rapport and make a difference in the lives of emotionally disturbed youth.

Everything that I do at this point in my life is to achieve this goal. I am currently networking and building connections through the social media, including, twitter, face book, Linkedin, and word press.  In my free time I enjoy studying and researching various Higher Education and youth development topics.

Long Term Goals: 

I am hoping to make an impact in student affairs/higher education or in a youth development role. I would also like to pursue my doctorate’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management in the future.

I have also developed a strong passion for writing and can definitely see myself writing books and articles in the future.


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