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This is Ty!

smile with Ty

Hello All and thanks for visiting my page!  I started this blog almost three years ago as a way to help me get past some difficult times in my life.  Recently, I have found that in times of distress and adversity it’s better to find something constructive to do with your time.

A few things have changed in the last few years so I will be making updates soon, as I have recently started to use this blog again.  This blog is my life, my story, and it’s the world through my eyes.  I love life, love to smile, and love to do all I can to impact this world and it’s youth in a positive way.

So bare with me as I make changes and updates to this blog!

As usual I ask you to make comments and give feedback.

Thank you, God bless!


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4 thoughts on “This is Ty!

  1. Naomi on said:

    Whatever college hires you will love you right back. This is the kind of drive that colleges need to attract and promote in employees. We need more people who are driven and love what they do. You can always tell the difference.

  2. Hey Ty!! I really enjoyed reading your blog. It looks really great. You reasons for being involved in higher education are very similar to mine, very similar.

    There is something for me about assisting with the improvement of enrollment, retention and graduation rates of low-income students that drives me to stay involved in the higher education field. Although I am retired, I continue to have the same passion for the work done with students (middle, high school, and college) through my volunteer activities within the Buffalo, New York area.

    Congratulations on the new position! Go Ty!!!

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